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Case Manager
Check out the video below for more info on the position.
Do you LOVE helping others?

Are you super organized and process oriented?

Do you love interacting with others as much as you love managing projects?

If yes, then please read on...

I run a tax resolution company called R.C. Thornton II - Back Tax Relief Expert, that helps business owners solve serious back tax problems, so they can get their lives and businesses back on track!

Because we have a quickly growing roster of clients, we need help managing these client's cases.  That's where you come in...

Position Summary

The purpose of this role is to stay on top of client projects, making sure that all client work is completed effectively, efficiently, and on time.

This will be done through our project management system, and will involve following up with clients and our tax professionals to ensure that all projects stay on target.

NOTE: This position is part-time, and virtual.  This means you can work from anywhere!

What You Will Be Doing-

Day-to-day, you will be keeping on top of your assigned clients cases, to make sure everything stays on track.

This will include interacting with and updating our project management system (which lists the tasks that need to be done, as well as their due dates).

You'll also need to communicate with the clients and with the tax professionals when there is something that needs to be done, particularly if it is not being done by the assigned deadline.

You will be the main person clients will contact if they have questions.

You will also be in charge of reviewing client submissions for completeness.

This Is For You If-

- People would describe you as "super organized"
- You're great with people
- You are "politely assertive" in getting what you need from others (e.g. the clients and tax pros)
- You are an action taker, you're good at problem solving and figuring things out on your own with minimal direction...you know how to create your own structured work environment
- You are process driven, and love to follow checklists / procedures - the crux of this role is staying on top of project processes

Lastly, and most importantly, you're driven.  You want to work hard, learn a ton, and maybe want to work your way up into higher management opportunities in the company.

DISQUALIFIERS: Please DO NOT apply to this position if you:

- Have less than 3 years of experience in a project management role
- Are looking for "just a job" or a "way to pay the bills", and aren't really motivated about what we do
- Don't have the drive and ability to self-motivate.

If none of these things can be said of you, then continue reading...

Outcomes / Responsibilities

30 Day Targets:

-Fully onboarded and understanding of our technology tools
- Able to successfully manage assigned projects at a basic level (you understand 60% of what you need to know in order to complete the role).
- 75% track record of identifying areas where deadlines will be missed, and addressing them.
- Very basics of tax resolution (what we do) understood.

90 Day Targets:

- Able to successfully manage all projects assigned to you at an advanced level (you understand 95% of what you need to know in order to fully complete the role).
- Full "non-technical" understanding of what we do has been achieved (in other words, you don't have to know "how" to do it, but at a high level, you fully know what is going on).

KPIs: (What You Will Be Measured On):

- # of "almost missed" due dates addressed before they become overdue
- Speed of replying to client inquiries
- # of client projects addressed in a day (ability to address all client projects in that day)



- At least 3 years of experience in a project / process management role
- At least 3 years of expereince in a role that required direct interaction with clients / customers
- Complete ease in working with technology, including but not limited to G Suite (or Microsoft Office), Asana, Slack, YouTube, Vimeo, 

The Pay

- $20 - 22 per hour, depending upon experience; 30 - 40 hours per week.

-Working remotely: save $5k/year in commuting costs and 100+ hours each year (aka 2.5 extra weeks of vacation time!).

About Us

There are business owners all across the United States who are suffering under the burden of back tax problems.

These business owners typically owe the IRS over $50,000+ (if not over $100,000, if not multiple 6-figures) in back taxes, and have the IRS showing up at their door and trying to seize their assets.

These business owners are good people for whom things got out of hand.  What they need is our help to get them back on track, and to help them STAY back on track.

The purpose of our company is to disrupt the "tax resolution" industry by being THE go-to resource for entrepreneurs with IRS problems.

Our Values:

- What we do is one of the highest forms of service for our customers.  Tax problems ruin lives, ruin relationships, and ruin businesses.  By helping our clients solve these problems, we serve them by making their entire life better.

-We focus on BIG WINS for our clients.  People come to us because they want to make a huge shift in their lives, and we help them do it.

- We care about solving hard problems.  The more tricky a client's situation, the happier we are to help them, because we know without our help, they would not be able to make their life better.

- We are willing to do whatever it takes, and put in whatever effort is needed, to help our clients get these big wins.

If after reading this post and watching the video you feel you would be a great fit for this role, I encourage you to apply!

How To Apply

Fill out the application below (all fields required).

*You must fill out this application to be considered for the position.  Resumes separate from this application will NOT be considered.

We'll be accepting applicants until Friday, June 18, 2021 at 11:59p PDT.  Be sure to apply before then.

Have further questions?  Send us an email at: support@championtaxrelief.com
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